Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Can't Be

We're all guilty of throwing around the saying "Time Flies" without really stopping to think about just that...time does fly...and our babies grow up too fast....

I was finally able to get Bri into an affordable preschool here in Green Hills. (A miracle...let me tell you) If you're lucky enough to find one with openings and not a waiting list, then it's most likely way out of your price range!

I have such mixed emotions about my lil girl going to Preschool. I know, I's just 2 days a week and it really doesn't count, but it will just make Kindergarten be here that much faster.

I am enjoying the school shopping........The adorable painted ponies backpack and lunch box combo from Garnet Hill.....the monogrammed apple shirt for the first day of school.....

I am excited that there will actually BE someone to invite to her Birthday Parties.......and of course that she will be making friends and learning!

But it feels like the beginning of the end somehow.....sigh

 Let the Games Begin!

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