Thursday, July 8, 2010

WTE in Las Vegas

June 9th Mom, Candace, Theresa and I headed for fabulous Las Vegas Nevada for the World Tea Expo. For 4 years now, mom and I have been over the tea brewing for all of the focused tea tasting at the 3 day conference. Everything went relatively smoothly this year and we had a blast at night as usual!

 Here are Mom, Theresa, my boo Brandon and a few volunteers having breakfast in the brewing room. We and a great group of volunteers this year!

 We just so happened to be there on my 28th Birthday and we celebrated with dinner at the Eiffel Tower resaurant in the Paris Hotel and Casino. I was AWESOME! The view the ambiance....just wonderful! Tyhe sad news is I left my camera battery plugged in the hotel room and you dont just "run" back and get something at your hotel in Vegas...if you've ever been you know what I mean! Luckily aunt Theresa had her camera! We got lots of great shots of the gang at dinner.....bad news is....she left her camera in the cab on the way back to the room and you guessed one turned it in.....sigh....she was tore up about it for sure! So were we!!

This is a view from the restaurant looking across the strip at the Bellagio fountains....awesome!

This is a stock photo of the inside.... :( I HATE it that I have no pics of us on this night ....sigh

My birthday mousse! Yum!

We also ordered a souffle that was to die for! ahhhhhh Chocolate goodness.....

We also spent most nights at Nine Fine Irishman listening to  Sin E Ri-Ra the Irish band play and the irish dancer. She is quiet amazing! Love this place and the food is delish also!

We left Las Vegas the Monday after and headed for the central California going to dedicate it a single post lol. We went to Cambria,CA visited Hearst castle...walked on the (COLD) beach and stayed in an adorable cottage! That post to follow....


Katydid said...

How cool, Stacey! I would love to see more! What a great place to celebrate a birthday too!

Stacey Merriman said...

Kelly....alll of our trip pics are on my facebook page ;)