Friday, August 12, 2011

Gettin The Itch

About this time every year.....the domesticated work force starts gettin the itch. The fall decorating itch that is!
It's still mid August mind you.....but something seems to switch in the air.... its still hot during the day....the garden is still growing and the leaves are still green.

Yet we know somehow that things are subtlety changing around us.....the mornings are cool....the leaves look as if they are tired of being green..the chipmunks and squirrels are diligently storing away theirs nuts...and of course the kiddos have started back to school. 

We go to the garage or attic and stare at the boxes labeled "Fall Decorations" ....we open them and dig around inside pretending we have some "forgotten" what we have.....we find ourselves looking at the date and wondering if people would think we were crazy if we go ahead and put the wreath on the door.....we find ourselves subconsciously driving past the road side produce tent that gives way to mums, pumpkins and cornstalks seemingly over night.....trying not to miss that magical moment the world says "It's okay! Put up those fall decorations!"

I think our anxiousness is not just that we are over the hot summer, but that in most places the fall season is just to short! This is especially true if we end up with an Indian Summer. Before you know it, you only end up with 2 good weeks of beautiful foliage and cooler temps. Then the leaves are gone and we start making that transition into winter. So we are just simply trying to make the most glorious season God gave us last just a tad bit longer....even if its just in our own eyes!

FYI: It's still too early ya'll, but a girl can dream right?


Amanda said...


Katydid said...

I say "Go for it"! Our homes belong to us not Country Living magazine.
I guess this means I have to put that Easter basket full of plastic eggs back in storage now.
Just kidding :)

Destry said...

We are going to have THE best Fall ever! Dairy farms and apple orchards and pumpkin patches and bonfires...I'm so excited! Break out the pumpkins already!