Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifting On Thursday

  Okay, im cheating really....I didn't actually GO thrifting fact not in the last 3 weeks! Today I worked my tale end off pulling weeds, pruning shrubs and raking decaying leaves that I left in a really stupid place last fall....

But Never the less......I shall share some thrifting finds with you from my last trip to my beloved and oh so hallowed GW outlet! I went 2 days in a row (God help...) and bought 50 lbs worth of treasures (Other peoples Junk says my DH) both trips! EGAD!!!

For those of you wondering what 50lbs of "stuff" looks like.......

This day I decided to let Bri get Barbies for the first time...we got a brand new Barbie Mansion 2 cars about 15 dolls and a carrying case for them! 

Here are few of my finds... all of them happen to be fall into the "lighting" category

Vintage black cast iron wall sconce.....the lamp shade is a lil too small, but I wanted to get it on the wall in the loft as soon as I walked in the door with it. So this one will have to do for now. I have my eyes open for a replacement!

This vintage Globe light is my favorite GW find ever I think...I know that's a not a casual thing to throw out there.... so you have to know I'm serious....ha! 

It has a small hole on the back/underneath side but you can't see it when it's facing the wall. The Britannica World Atlas is full of maps I have future plans to frame and the crate is an outlet find from last summer. I have used it several's serving as a side table to house the globe for now....till I get bored ;)


Wes Young said...

I love the globe :-). I have a globe light sitting on my desk. Which my office has been painted and put back together. Ya'll need to come out to the house next weekend to see it and Carter!

Katydid said...

Cool finds! I'm headed to my fav thrifting haunt today. Have you seen my new 'nother blog?
Have a great weekend!