Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Better Late Then Never

Due to the fact that the decks were being redone for the better part of two months....I have just now gotten to put planters out. 

Bri and I went to our favorite nursery to see if they had started marking things down.....

Not nearly we didn't get much. I did splurge on a massive pot of Zinnias...

They are absolutely GORGEOUS.....makes me long for summer to hang around just a lil while longer......but the Fall bug has already gotten under my skin.....especially since the weather has cooled back off a bit!

I transplanted the green and purple potato vines I planted for Bill on the deck....turns out he doesn't like trailing plants so much. Most of them did great but the biggest green one hasn't perked back up yet....*tear* I don't think its gonna make it. 

This deck box was just suppose to have potato vine and lantana in it, but Bri decided we should have two New Guinea Impatients in there as pink and one 
You can see i've tried to hide them in the back :0p

P.S. I've decided to quit saying I was starting back up with my blogging and just do it! What a novel idea! ;)
I've missed you all!

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